If you find that your iPhone 5 is not charging any longer than usual, there may be a problem with your battery. Our technicians will explain to you through this tutorial how to change the battery of an iPhone 5 safely. The necessary equipment:
  • An iPhone 5 battery
  • A pentalobe screwdriver
  • A cross-headed screwdriver
  • A plastic spatula
  • An extraction suction cup

Open the iPhone 5 screen

For safety reasons, turn off your iPhone 5 before dismantling it. Remove the 2 pentalobe screws located on either side of the charging connector. Place a suction cup on the screen just above the home button and pull it up to slightly lift the screen. Gently, you can lever on each side of the iPhone to open the screen. Lift the LCD screen + touch panel assembly 90° from the housing.

Change iPhone 5 battery

Using a cross-head screwdriver, unscrew the 3 screws used to hold the metal cover of the connectors. Disconnect the tablecloth from the camera face time of the motherboard. Disconnect the touch screen cover and the LCD cover with your plastic spatula. Once disconnected, you can remove the full screen of the iPhone 5. Remove the 2 crosshead screws that hold the metal cover of the battery connector. Disconnect the battery connector from the battery using your plastic spatula. Slide your spatula underneath the iPhone 5 battery and gently lever it off the chassis. That's it! That's it! You can now replace the battery in your iPhone 5 with a new one. To reassemble your iPhone 5, simply follow our tutorial in reverse order.