The LCD screen of your Lumia 520 no longer displays anything following a shock? You want to repair it but the repair costs are very high? We will show you through this tutorial how to change the LCD screen of a Lumia 520 in just a few minutes. The necessary tools:
  • An LCD screen for Nokia Lumia 520
  • A plastic spatula
  • A t5 tox screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers

How to change the LCD screen of a Lumia 520?

For safety reasons, we recommend that you turn off your phone before dismantling. Remove the back cover of the Lumia 520 by levering it with your plastic spatula. Insert your spatula underneath the Lumia 520 battery and gently lever it out of its housing. Use a torx t5 screwdriver; remove the 8 screws that hold the Lumia 520's inner frame. Slide your plastic spatula between the inner frame and the LCD block and gently lever it to separate them. Disconnect the LCD panel and the touch panel from the motherboard. Gently lift the Lumia 520 motherboard by gently levering it with your spatula. Using your plastic spatula, remove the jack plug and its connection pad. Remove the internal loudspeaker from the chassis and then reuse your spatula to unplug the Lumia 520's LCD screen. Carefully separate the LCD screen from the touch panel and then replace your new LCD screen. Follow our tutorial in reverse order to reassemble your Lumia 520 phone.