Does your Sony Xperia z3 have a significant reduction in battery life? Don't know how to fix this problem? Find out how to solve the problem of excessive battery consumption with our tutorial. The necessary tools:
  • A Sony Xperia z3 battery
  • A cross-headed screwdriver
  • A plastic spatula

Steps to change the battery of a Sony Xperia z3

For safety reasons, please turn off your Sony Xperia z3 before changing its battery. Remove the SIM card and the Micro-SD card from its slot by lightly pressing it. Using a thermal scraper or a simple hair dryer, heat the rear panel for one minute to soften the glue and hold the rear shell. Slide your plastic spatula into the gap between the rear shell and the inner frame and gently lever it to separate them. Remove the back shell of your Xperia z3. Disconnect the battery connector using your plastic spatula. Gently lever the battery of your Xperia z3 to remove it from the chassis. Remove the Sony Xperia battery from the chassis and replace it with a new one available on pi├Ę To reassemble your Sony Xperia z3, simply follow our tutorial in the opposite direction. Find out here how to change the screen of your Sony Xperia z3 sound system yourself.