Do you have a problem with the battery in your Nexus 5? You don't want to send your Nexus 5 for repair for several days? You don't want to spend a lot of money on repairing your Nexus 5? The technicians offer you a simple method to change batteries on your Nexus 5. The necessary tools:
  • A Nexus 5 battery
  • A cross-headed screwdriver
  • A plastic spatula

Remove the back shell of your Nexus 5

Our technicians recommend that you turn off your Nexus 5 before replacing its battery. Remove the SIM drawer by inserting a SIM card extraction tool into the small hole provided. Slide your plastic spatula into the gap between the rear shell and the inner frame of the Nexus 5. Now gently lever the back cover to remove it.

Changing the Nexus 5 battery

Remove the 4 screws that hold the Nexus 5 speaker with your Phillips screwdriver. Reuse your Phillips screwdriver to remove the 6 screws that hold the inner frame. Using a plastic spatula, disconnect the charging connector from the motherboard. Disconnect the Nexus 5 battery cover from the motherboard. Gently lever the battery out of the Nexus 5 from the chassis. Follow our tutorial in reverse order to reassemble your Nexus 5.