Is the battery in your Samsung Galaxy s3 showing signs of fatigue? Do you need to change the battery? Here is a tutorial that will explain how to change the battery of your Samsung Galaxy s3 yourself.

Changing the Galaxy s3 battery

Before replacing the Samsung Galaxy s3 battery, it must be switched off. Insert your plastic spatula into the gap between the rear shell and the inner frame of your phone. Slide your plastic spatula along the contour to disconnect the clips used to attach the upper part of the rear shell. Once unclipped, you can remove the rear shell of the Galaxy s3. Insert your plastic spatula underneath the battery and gently lever it out of its place. Did you drop off the battery of the Samsung Galaxy s3? You can replace it with another new one. To reassemble your Smartphone, simply follow our tutorial in the opposite direction. You can also follow this tutorial to change the screen of your Galaxy S3.