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payment terminals

Getting smart about payment terminals

Business owners are continuously seeking various ways of improving their businesses. Many of them even have a dedicated task force of business development and growth in their organizational structure. It is to get to have various strategies of making the…

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Stores around you directly online

Locate all the stores around you directly online

A couple of years ago, finding the right online store that suits your needs was a huge barrier since it entailed a lot of searches. Today’s buyers are in a much better position than ever to start shopping in an…

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HTC One M8 Tips

The HTC One M8 is a high-end smartphone that succeeds the HTC One M7.  It is equipped with a 5-inch (1080p) display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core 801 processor and a refreshed and expanded version of the HTC Sense operating system….

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Photos: The ultimate guide

The Photos application is a repository for all the photos and videos you take or record with your iPhone or iPad. Not only can you use the Photos application to organize and find special moments and memories you have captured,…

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Hide photos on iOS 10

Everyone has these images: the ones you can’t really stand to delete, but you can’t also see your library cluttering up with photos. Fortunately, hiding them from your library is an easy task. What is hiding a photo? When you…

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Text shortcuts on iPhone

Tired of typing long words, names, email addresses, web addresses or entire sentences over and over again? Well, you save a little time and effort and set up keyboard shortcuts for everything and all the text you type regularly. You…

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The Assistive Touch feature

AssistiveTouch is a feature that can help people with mobility disabilities and make the most of their iPhone or iPad. With AssistiveTouch, you will be able to perform several actions. How to activate AssistiveTouch Launch the settings of your home…

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The Touch Bar on Mac

If you take any kind of screenshot on your Mac, you may be familiar with the default screenshot controls: Shift-3 command for the entire screen, or Shift-4 command to take a screenshot of your screen. But if you use the…

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Deleting a Uber account

The Uber application is one of the most popular services on iPhone and iPad. If you don’t like their policies, their privacy protections, the way they treat their drivers, the surge price popup, the latest redesign, or anything about them…

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Getting promo codes for buying smartphones online

Using promotional codes allows you to take advantage of many good deals. To save money, you can choose various Sosh promotional codes to benefit from the many packages promoted by the supplier. A valid promo code is the opportunity to…

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