The HTC One M8 is a high-end smartphone that succeeds the HTC One M7.  It is equipped with a 5-inch (1080p) display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core 801 processor and a refreshed and expanded version of the HTC Sense operating system. For a better use of this Smartphone, we will show you the best tips and tricks for HTC One M8.

Add and widgets

Put both fingers a few centimetres from the home screen and pinch them. The widgets and pages screen will appear, allowing you to customize them.

Quickly access the Camera application

Accessing the Camera application sometimes took precious time. There is a shortcut that will allow you to access the Camera application faster. To do this, you must switch the camera to landscape mode and press and hold the low volume button.

Change font size

Among this long list of tips and tricks for HTC One M8 is one that allows you to change the size of the display fonts. Go to Settings > Display and gesture. Then click on "Font Size" and choose the font size that suits you.

Children's mode

This child mode allows parents to lock educational and entertaining applications or videos while keeping contacts and security applications. To switch to child mode, you must hold down the power button. Customize this mode with specific applications for each of your children. Children cannot leave the child mode without knowing the parent's password.

Save photos to SD card

The internal storage capacity of the HTC One M8 is up to 128 GB. If you want to store photos or videos on the SD card, launch the camera application, press the "menu" icon, then tap the "Settings" cog. Scroll down and press the "storage" option, then select "SD card". From now on, all your photos and videos will automatically be saved on your SD card.

Change the theme HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 allows you to change much more than just a background. Go to Settings> Customize> Theme> and choose one of the four themes.

Customize LED Notifications

The HTC One M8 has a small LED on the top grid of the speaker that alerts you when you receive a new email or text message without having to turn on the screen. For some of you, this flashing light is a problem, especially when you try to sleep. Here is the solution. Go to Settings> Display and gestures> Notification> Notification>

Do not disturb mode

The HTC One M8 offers a "Do Not Disturb" mode to reject audible or light notifications from your phone. Go to Settings> Sounds> Do not disturb, select the options you want to disable.