The Uber application is one of the most popular services on iPhone and iPad. If you don't like their policies, their privacy protections, the way they treat their drivers, the surge price popup, the latest redesign, or anything about them that you can delete the application, delete your account, and try something else.

How to delete your Uber account?

To delete your Uber account: Go to in Safari or your preferred web browser. Click on "Login" for help. Enter your associated Uber e-mail address or phone number. Click on Next. Enter your Uber password. Tap on Next. Enter Yes to confirm. Enter a reason if you have something specific you want to share. Tap on Send.

How to delete the Uber application?

Removing the Uber application is easy. Press the Uber application icon and hold until it starts to wiggle. Press the Delete icon (which looks like an X). Press Delete to confirm.