The Photos application is a repository for all the photos and videos you take or record with your iPhone or iPad. Not only can you use the Photos application to organize and find special moments and memories you have captured, but you can also use it to share them directly, through social networks, on the big screen, as prints, and more. You can also modify them to improve their appearance, add filters, correct red eyes, and crop them. This is not only achieved with the integrated tools - with photo and video extensions, you can also download filters and effects.

How does the Photos application for iPhone and iPad work?

To help you keep your photos and videos organized, the Photos application automatically sorts them into intelligent groups based on time and location. Smaller groups are moments, larger groups are collections, and larger groups are years. With them, you can quickly take a quick look when and where you were, see a map view of your photos spread around the world, and even copy a photo for the press - paper so you can insert them into a message.

How to organize your photos and videos in albums

The Photos application on iPhone and iPad gives you quick and easy access to all your photos and videos. Camera Roll / All photos, My Photos Stream, Panoramas, Videos, even selfies all have their own dedicated albums. Although you cannot edit or delete any of them, you can add and manage albums of your choice. This way, the photos you want are exactly where you want them.

How to rotate, crop and straighten a photo

Apple provides editing tools within the Photos application that allow you to straighten, crop and even change the aspect ratio of your images in a simple and easy way. This way, you get your photos and you get the right results the way you want.

How to use light and colour adjustment

Smart adjustments in photos allow you to improve your images, either automatically, intuitively, or precisely. "Magic Wand" is still there, of course, but you can also change the light, the colour to black and white with a single stroke, or dive into the brightness, heat, and other details.

How to apply filters and remove red-eye in Photos

Filters have been used in the past to try to recover the often poor images captured by iPhone cameras. Now that iPhones have good cameras, filters have simply become a way to enjoy yourself. Flash can and does cause red-eye, which is why the Photos application for iPhone and iPad offers red-eye removal.

How to use photo extensions for iPhone and iPad

The Photos application works as a central hub for filters and effects from all extensibilities - Compatible editing applications you have downloaded from the App Store. Find them, install them, activate them, and apply them all with the Photos application. Best of all, they are non-destructive. This means that you can edit, delete, and return at any time.

How to make slideshows, contacts and wallpapers of photos

Want to show your photos and videos to your friends and family? You can create custom wallpapers and contact photos, and even custom slideshows with magical auto animations, transitions and music that you can share on your iPhone or iPad, or send to your Apple TV on AirPlay.

How to print and share photos for iPhone and iPad

Keeping all your photos and videos in the Photos application is incredibly convenient, but sometimes you just want to share them with others. You can send photos and videos AIRDROP, iMessage, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can even use AirPrint to make hard copies of your favorite images. You can search for photos by typing in places or dates, or you can search by saying Siri where and when you want to search. Say "May 2016" and you go right away. Ask for "Cupertino" and you will be there. Combine places and times and Siri will take you anywhere and anytime you want to go. It is also possible to use games applications on smartphones to modify photos and make them funny or apply make-up to a face photo.