Those who are looking for a practical, efficient, and easy-to-use VR headset will be won over by this model presented by Oculus Rift S. In its well-stocked packaging box, the Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset already provides you with something to use for a successful gaming experience: like the two controllers for example. They are easy to assemble with accessories ready to play, you can get started right away.

A really very easy installation

With a clear design, you will certainly not have any difficulty installing this equipment. Here are some instructions to make it easier for you:
  • You already have in the box all the necessary tools for the proper functioning of the accessory
  • You should make sure that Oculus software is already installed on your PC: Generally, this is the case for all PCs running Windows 10
  • Very precise instructions are also provided to help you adjust your device
  • Oculus Touch batteries are chargeable, and durable
  • Connect your equipment to the PC using the special cable already included with the headset.
You can then make your own assessment. The steps are remarkably easy; you just have to follow the instructions to the letter. If you encounter any problems during the procedures, such as the lack of compatibility of the USB port and headset, for example, don't make a big deal out of it. Generally, these are only small problems that can be easily solved. You are able to do it yourself.

Design and Ergonomics: almost perfect!

The Oculus Rift S PC is an accessory designed to give its users a certain comfort in using the product. Top quality materials to give users the pleasure of wearing, even for a long time. The ergonomic aspect is well respected in this material. Everything, down to the last detail, has been designed by the designers to offer a unique gaming experience, without any feeling of fatigue. The Oculus Rift S guarantees a comfortable headset, despite your movements throughout the game. You will be amazed by its revolutionary design, of a neutral colour, which can be combined with any accessory. Very practical, these game headphones allow you to immerse yourself in all your games. It is easy to wear; you will not feel this unpleasant and heavy sensation in your eyes. In addition, this headset adapts to any type of user, with an adjustable head mount.

The Main functionalities

It is a material that has been specially manufactured to immerse you totally in an extraordinary universe of the game! The Oculus Rift S PC is the best feeling of pleasure. The product itself and the accessories that go with it will make it easy for you to do. You will feel a sensation very close to reality. Indeed, the Oculus Touch controllers that go with it have the role of specifying your movements and using you as a weapon while you play. You also have a Halo headband for quick reproduction of your movements. In short, all this blends together to guarantee your incredibly fascinating and fun relaxing time.

Performance: the future of PC-based video games

The Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset is the advanced version of the Oculus Rift S. With many virtual reality games to choose from, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the optics, to offer you spectacular colours, thus reducing the "Screen Holder" effect. Its development has been based on the ergonomic aspect of the product to allow you to concentrate during your games. And finally, you will also benefit from an Oculus Insight follow-up that gives you the opportunity to dominate your entire play space. It is a really powerful device, which is why it is now seen as the future of virtual reality games. Its design is already very advanced technology; you will have the privilege of benefiting from a modern device with an incomparable image quality.

A better quality/price ratio

If you have decided to invest in the VR Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset, you will get a good deal because the quality/price ratio is there. The quality materials, its multiple functionalities, and its ease of handling will be offered at a really affordable price. You will be surprised by its very good performance. With this headset, you will have an incredible gaming experience. Very easy to install, this accessory is made for VR gamers, and even for novices. Also provides total comfort during your games, this modern device improves the quality of vision by presenting a small screen door. The VR Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset will then give you the benefit of its many qualities, at a price everyone can afford.