The Oculus Rift headset is one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market. Launched in March 2016, this aircraft is the main competitor of the HTC Vive. Unlike Valve and HTC, Facebook and Oculus do not offer a whole host of accessories for their VR headsets. However, several accessories can greatly enhance your experience with the Rift. Here is our selection of the best accessories for Oculus Rift.

Oculus Touch, an accessory for using your hands in the RV of the Oculus Rift

Initially, the Oculus Rift helmet was marketed without motion detection controllers. The device was delivered with an Xbox controller. This is why many considered the HTC Vive more interesting, thanks to its famous Vive Wands controllers. However, since December 2016, Oculus has been offering Oculus Touch controllers. These formidable controllers, particularly ergonomic, are undeniably better than those of Le Vive. They allow not only following the movements of the user's hands in the RV, but also the movements of his or her fingers. These accessories totally change the Rift experience, and many quality games are developed to take full advantage of the possibilities offered. Among the best Touch-compatible games are Robot Recall and Dead & Buried, both of which are available with Touch: It is an essential accessory for the Rift.

Oculus Sensor, an accessory to enjoy room scale tracking on Oculus Rift

The second weak point of the Rift compared to the Vive, at its release, was the absence of room scale tracking. To put it simply, the Vive sensors allow 360-degree tracking, allowing the user to turn in all directions and move physically on the scale of a room while playing in the VR. When it was launched, the Rift did not offer this feature. Recently, however, it has become possible to use an additional Oculus Sensor to take advantage of this. Simply place a third sensor behind you to enjoy a tracking room scale. This feature increases the feeling of immersion in virtual reality tenfold, and therefore seems essential for any Rift user. To take full advantage of it, however, a cable management system is required.

MIDWEC cable management system, an accessory for managing Oculus Rift cables

The Asian company MIDWEC has developed a simple and highly effective cable management system for virtual reality headsets. This system is based on small hooks, to be hung on the ceiling by means of suction cups. An extendable cord connects the hooks to the suction cups. Then simply slide the cable that connects the Rift to the PC into this line of hooks. Thus, rather than dragging on the ground and getting tangled in the user's feet, the cable passes through the top and allows the user to rotate freely. It is necessary to adjust the cable length according to the size of the user, but if you are the only one using your Rift, this system is one of the most efficient at the moment. Priced at only 20€ on Amazon, it is also very affordable.

VR Cover, an accessory to keep your Oculus Rift clean

Unlike the HTC Vive, the Rift's facial protection foam is not replaceable. It is glued with glue, and therefore cannot be removed for washing. Therefore, if you sweat when using the Oculus Rift, germs will accumulate over time. In other words, in a few months' time, your Rift will be frankly repulsive. Fortunately, VR Cover offers an effective solution. Their machine-washable cotton protection wraps around the Rift's visor with ease. In addition, it considerably improves the comfort of the helmet, by offering a softer contact with the face.

SubPac M2, an accessory for haptic sensations on Oculus Rift

The SubPac M2 is presented as an audio system to be carried like a backpack. The accessory increases the feeling of immersion in virtual reality thanks to exceptional audio quality. The slightest breeze, the shock of a shot will be felt in all their intensity thanks to the haptic feedback technology. Bluetooth compatible, the device allows you to play music and can be used for six hours between recharges.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cloths, an accessory for cleaning Oculus Rift lenses

As they are used, Oculus Rift lenses fog, stain or take dust. This reduces the user's vision and makes the experience much less comfortable. AmazonBasics microfiber cloths are very affordable and allow you to clean Oculus Rift lenses without damaging them. We recommend that you buy a 24 pack for €13.99 from Amazon. Knowing that it is possible to wash these cloths in the machine, the 24 pack should be enough to maintain your Rift until its last days.

Hyperkin The Rook, a case to store and transport your Oculus Rift

In order to maintain the hygiene of your Oculus Rift, the “Hyperkin The Rook” box keeps the helmet well protected from dust and possible falls. This box is spacious, and can easily accommodate the Rift and its Touch controllers. The Rifft is an expensive device, and it is wise to take care of it to maintain the optimal quality of the experience for as long as possible.

Oculus Earphones, in-ear earphones for Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift comes with a removable integrated audio headset. However, Oculus also offers a second option. Oculus Earphones are affordable in-ear headsets that provide good sound isolation and are optimized for audio spatialization in virtual reality. Comfortable and powerful, these headsets are a good alternative for users who prefer to receive sound directly in their ears.