With the advancement of technology, virtual reality is one of the best ways to interact with a virtual environment, play games or just have fun. To achieve this, you would need a combination of hardware and software solutions. The most recognisable of them is the head-mounted displays (HMD) that offer displays and sound that take users into the virtual world. Some of the major players in the HMD market are Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. HMDs come in vetoes forms as seen at immersive-display.com. You can buy various accessories online for your headset, whether as a replacement or to enhance your experience. Here are some of the accessories that you may consider.

Play online and Watch with Link Cable and Chromecast

Your friends at a party can also enjoy virtual Reality can also take part in the live gaming experience using Google’s Chromecast Ultra. The Chromecast connects to the web through an Ethernet connection allowing your friends to watch your quest. Oculus also allows you to connect your headset to a pc through a link cable. There is a cable port on your HMD for connecting with your PC. It allows you to play various games on your Quest through the Oculus Link Beta while still tethered to the PC via the cord. The ideal cable is usually USB-C and is about three metres long.

Power Pack

If you are bored with having to stop now and then to charge your headsets, consider purchasing a power pack to extend the playing period. Power packs have capacities of between 6,000 mAh to about 7,000 mAh, which is enough to take you an additional four to six hours of a wonderful experience. Most power packs attach to the back of your HMD. While they are lightweight, they still help counter the strain put on your forehead by the display. If you are using Quest Touch controllers or any other controller that uses AA batteries, you may consider going for rechargeable batteries rather than having to buy batteries after every while because that could turn out to be quite costly. Rechargeable batteries come with a charger, which would charge them in just about an hour. You should consider this option if you are a heavy VR gamer.

Cleanup Microfiber Cloths

All gamers face it. After hours of playing, sweat, grime, sweat and fingerprints will build up on the straps, glass and all other surfaces. You need to clean up your HMD, cables and other accessories without scratching or using harmful solutions. The microfiber cloths are able to clean various surfaces effectively without scratching. You can also use the cloths on your computer and phone surfaces.

Carry/ Travel Case

One of the things that lack in the Oculus Quest box is a storage case to help you move around with your VR equipment. Leaving your lenses exposed can break or scratch them. As a consequence, it is a good idea to purchase a carry case separately. There is an official carry case from the VR brand. However, you can check out other options available in the market. Pick a case that is easy to carry, handy and easy to clean.


Your quest speakers are placed on the sides of your head strap. They are good to go if your home is relatively quiet as they are placed right on your ears. However, quiet home is not the ideal situation; there are always noises from all corners including TV, other people and outside. To cut the noise, consider purchasing headphones to hear an immersive sound. There are headphones specifically for your Quest HMD that connects to the headphone jacks on either side of the strap. With the in-ear headphones, you get a more private experience without getting distracted by all the noise around you. There are official Oculus Quest accessories headphones for use with your HMD. However, most people complain of very short chords. Consider comparing them with third-party manufacturers.

Head Straps and Hand Straps

One of the major problems with the VR gaming is that the lenses pull your face from the front. This causes fatigue on not only the face but also the neck. You can lower the discomfort by getting a comfy strap that reaches across the top of your head. This way, it pulls the weight of the headset off the face. It is a simple accessory that will make a big difference, especially if you are playing for long periods. There are also various strap modifications out there that you can use with your Oculus Touch controllers. However, there one modification accessory that makes them look like Index Controllers. It ensures that straps stay in place on your hand even when you are not holding your grip. While they are not as great as index controllers are, they help you avoid having to actively hold something when playing.