The HTC Live Virtual Reality Headset is one of the headsets that guarantees users an unparalleled immersion experience. A feature that makes it one of the most popular headsets, speaking of RVs. However, it is possible to optimize the experience of using this VR helmet by combining it with the right accessories. These are available online.

The Vive Tracker and the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

The Vive Tracker is one of the accessories that can be used for any object in the world of virtual reality. This is an external sensor for Htc Vive that can be tracked inside the virtual perimeter. Once you have purchased it from sites like, it is easy to use. All you must do is hang it on all types of objects, in order to benefit from it. This means that with the Vive Tracker, any object in the real world can be used in the VR, provided that a compatible application is developed for its use. As for the Velux Audio Strap, it is a typical accessory of the Vive headphones. It replaces the headband itself, but also offers an audio option. It is recommended for those who expect maximum comfort in terms of audibility, and more controlled cable management. The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is a powerful accessory, which allows users to perfect their use of the Htc headset. The 3 in 1 cable and the USB extension cable The 3 in 1 cable is a new accessory for VR headphones. Recently, it has been included in the new version of the helmet. However, users of the first version of the equipment can purchase it separately. In its early versions, this virtual reality headset accessory was divided into three parts. But with the new format, all features have been combined, enhancing the convenience and durability of the headset. The connection between the accessories and the HTC headset, in order to be effective, must be established by means of a cable. That's why the Htc headset itself has a USB port at the top. It is through this port that the user can connect the other accessories directly to the device. For example, the connection of the Leap Motion controller to the headset will be made through this opening. While it is true that users can use any cable of their choice, it must be said that with the official version of the extension cable, the experience is certainly better. In addition, the user benefits from an additional distance.

Accessories for the nose and for wireless use of the device

This virtual reality headset that is the Htc Vive pro eye is normally designed with a nose rest that is already installed. However, this accessory does not necessarily meet the comfort needs of all users, given that some do not feel comfortable; because their noses are not always well placed. It is as an alternative to this difficulty that the nose rest accessory has been designed. However, it should be noted that different variants are available, in order to offer various possibilities to buyers. The idea is to prevent possible light penetration into the helmet's field of vision. That's why Htc offers nose rests in packs of 3. In addition, it is possible to use the Htc Vice wirelessly, using the TPCast wireless adapter. This headset accessory was designed as part of the ViveX program. Designed and created by TPCast in collaboration with Htc, this accessory offers unparalleled comfort. It consists of a wireless receiver and a battery. To use it, the user only must connect it to the extension cable mentioned above. Then, he can move around the virtual reality universe as he wishes.

Other accessories available online

Other accessories that can be purchased online to enhance the Htc Vive Pro eye experience include the replacement face cushion. It is an accessory that helps to maintain the hygiene of the helmet, replacing the two cushions of different sizes provided with the purchase of the VR helmet. In addition to their hygienic aspect, these accessories increase the user's field of vision.   In addition to these cushions, other accessories such as Hyperkin silicone protection for Vive Wand controllers are also available. This is an accessory to protect the device and its controllers from certain shocks, such as when players hit a wall. They also protect the controllers from scratches. In addition to these accessories, it is possible to buy online the Hyperkin Polygon protective bag for transporting the helmet, and to secure the other accessories. To this list are added: