Your iPhone 4S is no longer charging? Your iPhone 4S no longer holds the charge or only switches on when plugged into a power or USB cable? We will explain through this tutorial how to change the battery of an iPhone 4s without using an iPhone repair specialist. For this you will need a new iPhone 4s battery, a plastic spatula, a pentalobe screwdriver and another cruciform.

Steps to change the battery of an iPhone 4s

Before any intervention on the phone and for safety reasons, we recommend that you switch it off. Remove the 2 pentalobic screws located around the iPhone charging connector. Turn your iPhone upside down and slide the rear window up to disengage it. Carefully remove the rear window from your iPhone 4s. Unscrew the cross-head screw that holds the battery connector on the motherboard. Carefully lift the battery plug with a plastic spatula. Grasp the plastic tab and pull it to remove the battery from the chassis. Once the iPhone 4s battery is removed, you can remove it and replace it with a new one. Follow our tutorial in the opposite direction to reassemble your iPhone 4s.