Do you want to replace the touch screen of your Nokia Lumia 820 yourself? The touch screen of your Nokia Lumia 820 no longer responds to your movements? This repair guide will explain how to replace the touch panel of a Nokia Lumia 820. For this you will need a new touch screen and a torx screwdriver as well as a plastic spatula.

Remove the Lumia 820 internal frame

First turn off your smartphone before dismantling it. Remove the back cover of your Nokia Lumia 820 to access the battery. Lift the Nokia Lumia 820 battery with your spatula. Unscrew all the screws that are similar on the frame. These screws hold the inner frame to the Nokia Lumia 820 display. Once all screws are removed, lift the inner frame of your Nokia Lumia 820.

Remove the Nokia Lumia 820 motherboard

Use your spatula to disconnect the cloth from the touch screen. Reuse your spatula to disconnect the tablecloth from the LCD monitor. You can now safely deposit your motherboard. That's it! That's it! Your motherboard is fully deposited.

Replace Nokia Lumia 820 glass

Insert a spatula between the glass frame and the LCD screen. Use a gentle lever to separate the Nokia Lumia 820 touch panel from the LCD monitor. The touch panel of your Lumia 820 is completely dismantled. Replace your Nokia Lumia 820 glass with a brand new one... To reassemble your Nokia Lumia 820, simply follow the video tutorial in reverse.