The virtual reality is in full swing, and everyone is clamouring about what VR headsets are the best on the market. As this emerging technology continues to grow, there is a multiple choice of accessories. In this section, you can see that VR headsets are not really suitable for use on a computer, but rather on a console or smartphone. The two models selected offer satisfactory performance while being ergonomic.

Sony PlayStation VR: the best value

This VR headset specially designed for PlayStation stands out for its attractive price and, since its release; it remains one of the best VR headsets on the market. The headsets are connected to the PlayStation via a box using a cable that is also the power source for the headsets. The camera, on the other hand, connects directly to the console. However, the definition displayed for each eye is only 960×1080. On paper, it is not enough, but in practice, the result is quite different. Indeed, Sony has done a manipulation, called "re-projection", which makes it possible to double the refresh rate (this time up to 120 Hz). The problem with the VR is that all visual performance must be doubled. With games at 60 fps, the rendering is 30 per eye. Sony reaches 120 fps here. Nevertheless, the angle of vision is limited to 100°, while the combined human eyes perceive an average of 110 clearly. Some may therefore feel uncomfortable and not totally immersed. The quality of the graphic textures and movement is excellent and offers you good performance on PlayStation. But this type of device is less efficient than a laptop computer at this level, resulting in a far from satisfactory performance on a PC. The installation, very intuitive, usually takes no more than 5 minutes for everything to be perfectly adjusted. Despite this, it is probably the most comfortable in the category of independent RV headsets. Its weight is significant but it is well distributed because some of the electronic components are located behind the head, and they allow balancing the weight of the headset. As for the design, it is very "Sony" with a mix of modern and futuristic black and white. In conclusion, this VR headset offers impeccable ergonomics and good performance. This is by far the best option to play on PlayStation in our opinion.

Samsung Gear VR: the cheap alternative

At the end of 2015, the Samsung Gear VR, the result of collaboration between Samsung and Oculus, was released, truly launching the virtual reality market for smartphones. But the first downside appears. Indeed, the Samsung Gear VR is only available with some Samsung smartphones. The version we offer is one of the most complete, since it is compatible with the Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7/S7edge/S8/S8 plus/S9 plus, Note 8, A8 and the recent S10 series. In terms of connectivity, this headset has a USB-C port for charging and connecting to your phone. Also note that Samsung is significantly expanding the number of VR applications. But despite everything, from a technical point of view, Samsung's VR headsets remain among the best. The great strength of this headset is its power, the resolution of the Galaxy and the quality of the VR. It comes with a remote control (which connects easily to the smartphone via Bluetooth), with a sensitive and solid touchpad that provides a good grip. On the top of the headset is the lens fitting ring. These are of very good quality. Add to that the 2.560 x 1.440 resolution, which has become standard on Galaxy, one of the best in this range. On the design side, it is voluminous and heavy but remains comfortable to wear with comfortable pads. It can also be adjusted. In short, despite its limited compatibility, these VR headsets are an excellent investment for those who have the Samsung smartphones listed above. It offers high resolution at an unbeatable price, and is comfortable to wear.