For years, video surveillance systems have been the top choice for monitoring a home or business premises. However, to install such a system, it was essential to use the services of an expert. Thanks to technological developments, it is now possible to entrust this surveillance to a much more efficient and, above all, more discreet equipment, namely the spy camera.

A discreet and unsuspected camera

The first advantage of the mini camera is its great discretion. Indeed, its small size allows it to hide easily behind any object. For example, you can place it behind a piece of furniture or a painting. It can even be installed on the ceiling or wall of a room without your guests noticing its existence. It is this invisible character that makes the main attraction of the small camera. In addition, engineers and designers have succeeded in making spy cameras that look like everyday objects. You can choose between models in the form of a pen, lighter, watch, key ring, radio, glasses, electric razor, alarm clock, clock, tissue box or any other object. This makes them practically undetectable and therefore allows them to successfully carry out their monitoring mission.

Easy to install and very practical

To install a mini spy camera, it is not necessary to be a geek, an experienced handyman or an experienced technician. Indeed, it is very easy to install since it consists of a device that can record videos and take pictures. It is also equipped with a microphone to record any noise or conversation in the room where it is installed. On the other hand, to record images and sound, the hidden camera may have an internal memory or require the installation of a micro SD card. It is the latter option that is the most widely used as it offers a larger storage volume. On the other hand, the spy camera generally has a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 to 3 hours. Simply charge this battery, insert the SD card and place your camera where it will allow it to have a perfect view of the room or area to be monitored.

Multiple functionalities to meet everyone's expectations

Among the other advantages of using a spy camera is that it has a number of features. Indeed, some models are equipped with motion detectors whose maximum range generally rotates around ten meters. Once it is activated, as soon as there is a presence in the coverage area of the device, it automatically starts filming. And when it no longer detects any movement, the camera stops filming. There are even models that are able to shoot even in low light conditions. In this case, the device is equipped with small LED lamps or infrared sensors. Similarly, you can find hidden cameras on the market equipped with microphones to make voice recordings. Finally, recent technologies offer this type of small camera the possibility of remote viewing live. This way, you can view in real time on a computer, tablet or smartphone what your video sensor is filming. However, it should be noted that this last feature requires a Wi-Fi network and an Internet connection.

The different uses of a mini spy camera

After seeing the different advantages of a hidden camera, it is a good idea to know the various occasions when you can use it. In general, this type of camera is used in the professional environment. Whether in a company or in a commercial environment, the spy camera allows you to discreetly monitor your commercial premises. Indeed, it can be useful to secure your property or to ensure that none of your employees are victims of abuse or mistreatment. However, it is advisable to inform you that the laws in force because the legislation protects citizens to avoid that they are filmed without their knowledge. But nowadays, the mini camera is increasingly used by private individuals. It thus becomes an effective complement to the traditional surveillance system insofar as it is virtually undetectable. Thanks to it, it is possible to have images of burglars who would have taken care to disable your alarm system. Similarly, if you use a Wi-Fi-connected spy camera, you can monitor your home from your office, on business trips or even on vacation. And this is, day and night. Finally, this type of camera can also be used by hunters to track their game or to find out their habits. In this case, the device is stronger, more waterproof and its housing takes on a camouflaged appearance.