Aware of the importance of VSEs and SMEs, SCT Telecom specializes in supporting these structures. The company delivers complete telecommunications solutions for SMEs and VSEs. Innovative offers and services that meet the needs of its customers are thus proposed for their greatest satisfaction. These offers include mobile telephony, fixed telephony, internet and data.

SCT Telecom's mobile telephony offer

The company offers an unlimited mobile offer with high data volumes for very small and medium-sized businesses. Among these offers is the Data Only package. This SCT Telecom offer consists of a 4G key to be used on various mobile devices of your choice. Its main advantage is that it allows companies to benefit from a first-class 4G connection. It is also ideal for professionals who are constantly on the move, as the equipment used to perform tasks on the Internet can be mobile equipment. Another interesting package is the Voice Package, which allows you to enjoy an unlimited number of calls, SMS and MMS. The particularity of this package is that you do not have to pay for an Internet connection that you would not have the use of.

The fixed telephony offer

SCT Telecom is also known for its fixed-line telephony offer. Even if fixed telephony can be considered as an out-dated telecommunications system, it is still an essential mode of communication in the world of work today. This is because it offers the possibility of being constantly reachable within a company's premises, which is a significant point for companies wishing to take care of their image. It is by taking these various advantages into account that SCT Telecom was able to design its fixed-line offer, which stands out from the others by the possibility of making calls without counting. In addition, their customers have the ability to make calls to fix and mobile phones anywhere in the world thanks to the opening of this package to all foreign countries.

The Internet offer: optical fibre

The Internet is an essential asset for any company wishing to optimize its productivity. This is why SCT Telecom provides its customers with a high-speed Internet offer using optical fibre. Characterized by stable, fast and reliable technology, this Internet connection makes the use of each company's software and application more efficient. In terms of prices, the operator has ensured that it is accessible to all its technically eligible customers. In addition, this offer is accompanied by other additional services such as customer data protection. This service is useful to avoid the loss of valuable company information and to guarantee you full confidentiality. SCT Telecom also offers to secure each of your Internets browsing thanks to the installation of its antivirus solution. Outsourced data backup for increased protection of sensitive data can also be part of the operator's fixed/internet package. In addition, it should be remembered that this experienced operator has established itself in the field of communication, thanks to the very special attention it pays to the needs of its customers, mainly very small and medium-sized enterprises. For this purpose, this company has the possibility to create numbers in 08, to propose you an offer of remote secretariat, or to assist you in the installation of video surveillance installations to protect your premises and assets. Each client can therefore benefit from services adapted to their needs. All this is with simplified invoicing at the heart of the commitments made by SCT Telecom, which is committed to its role as a global telecommunications operator.