Since the development of competition on telephone packages, it has become quite simple to change operators. But you must be particularly careful when you find a promotion on offers and pay attention to the subscription conditions before deciding.

Watch for promotions on packages

In a few years, competition between mobile operators has increased considerably, leading the various competitors to offer regular promotions to attract new customers. To save on your mobile plan, it is recommended to be regularly on the lookout for these promotions. To achieve this, several tips are effective. You can subscribe to the newsletters of the various operators to be kept informed of possible discounts on telephone packages. The only disadvantage is to accept the regular sending of emails that do not concern such discounts or that have no interest depending on your situation. You can also set up an alert on search engines to be kept informed when certain keywords appear on operators' websites. Promotion operations generally last several weeks. Feel free to visit the various operators on the market regularly when you want to change your mobile offer. You will easily find advantageous proposals.

Compare mobile offers

If you want to save on your mobile plan, the easiest way is to compare the different offers available, with or without promotion. There are many comparators that you can consult to find an advantageous offer according to your situation and your telephony needs. However, several criteria must be taken into account. The price is obviously an important element of the subscription but it can cover a wide range of offers. The first thing to check when you make your choice is the internet offer offered for the price you pay. This is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a package: even if you have Wi-Fi coverage most of the time, you need a minimum of data if you are leaving elsewhere. Also check authorized telephone communications, especially if you are a frequent traveller. Calls made in France are generally unlimited except for very inexpensive subscriptions, but making calls abroad can quickly become very expensive due to overruns. Check the possibility of making calls in Europe or abroad before making your choice.

Offer with or without commitment?

Mobile phone operators have every interest in offering you packages with a commitment and do not hesitate to offer discounts to encourage you to make this choice. But are these offers really interesting if you want to save money in the long term? It all depends on your budget, the phone you want and your phone needs. Commitment packages can be interesting if you are not a large consumer of telephone data or do not need the latest smartphone model for your daily life. You generally benefit from a discount on the phone plan and pay less for your mobile phone. If you fall in love with the latest smartphone model, you often have the possibility to pay it in several instalments, throughout your engagement with your operator. The biggest disadvantage of these packages is that it is impossible to leave them before the end of the commitment, otherwise you risk paying a sometimes considerable sum. Non-commitment packages are generally more beneficial in the long term because they allow you to change subscriptions regularly and take advantage of the regular promotions offered by operators. The only disadvantage is that you pay more for your phone and have to be on the lookout for promotional operations.

Check the conditions of promotions

To save on your phone plan, it is very important to check all the terms and conditions of the contract before choosing a new mobile operator. Some very advantageous offers may be subject to very strict conditions and the slightest change in your situation would lead you to pay more for several months. Some mobile phone offers are much more profitable when they are linked to an internet box or a family package. These contracts may be of real interest, but check what happens if you decide to change your residence. Sometimes, promotions can be linked to a particular dwelling and cease to be active at the time of the move. If you have chosen an offer with a commitment, check that the rates will remain very similar after the minimum commitment period. Some operators do not hesitate to offer large reductions for several months and then reduce the price to the normal level after the commitment period. Feel free to negotiate this aspect when you choose your new operator or to turn to another player in the market.