A very trendy technological device, headsets have become omnipresent in everyone's daily life since the appearance of other high-tech equipment such as smartphones or hi-fi equipment. Its function, performance and design evolve over the years, as technology develops. What are the main criteria that should guide the purchase of headsets? What are the most commonly used types of headsets?

Audio headsets: an ally in everyday life

The competitive market is pushing major brands to create more and more comfortable headsets, with or without hands-free kits. At the same time, the quality of the audio has improved. Manufacturers are bringing a breath of fresh air to their creations so that everyone can find a headset that suits their needs. Given the wide range of choices available to consumers, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around, but in any case, the choice of headsets must depend mainly on their use. Whether it is used for jogging, playing a video game or as a smartphone headset, each headset has its own characteristics and meets a specific need. They currently adapt to all situations and user profiles.

Nomadic headsets: a noise-reducing headset

The nomadic headsets have been designed mainly for outdoor use when travelling. It goes unnoticed and is available in two versions: earphone and in-ear. It guarantees a total autonomy to its user, because it is not connected to any cable. As a result, it offers undeniable freedom of movement. The mobile headset or Bluetooth headset adapts to a noisy environment. It has good sound insulation and some models have even been designed with a button to further reduce external noise. However, the nomadic headset also has other advantages, such as its high sweat resistance and ability to hold in place, regardless of the activity performed. It is particularly recommended for sports, listening to music in public places and managing telephone calls.

Headband headsets: satisfactory sound quality

With or without wires, headsets of the roll-cage or external type are still very popular nowadays. Much appreciated on a daily basis, it guarantees high quality sound. To reproduce this sound, the degree of earphone isolation is minimized. The use of this headset is therefore to be preferred for personal use. It is also intended for home use because of its bulky nature. The headband headset is therefore ideal for enjoying the comfort and tranquillity of your home to play a video game or watch a good movie. In any case, the headband headset adapts to everyone's habits. In general, the wired headset has some easily adjustable control buttons. It can connect with other devices such as a computer. There are now a variety of external headset models available. You can find them from the most classic to the most sophisticated. Everyone can easily find the type of headset that suits them. It is available in supra-aural, circumaural and hands-free kit versions. The technical characteristics of a headband headset may vary from one device to another. It is sufficient to specify its use at the time of purchase. Models with a storage cover are known to be of good quality. Do not hesitate to check the quality of the cable and bearings so that you do not have to replace them. The external headset remains affordable as it offers a good price/quality ratio. In addition, it has the advantage of being robust.