Many problems can occur and damage the function or appearance of the Samsung Galaxy J3 display. The repairers charge about €70 for their services, without taking into account their prices for the purchase of the new screen. However, it is possible to repair your Samsung smartphone yourself.

When to change the screen

Many types of problems can occur on the Samsung Galaxy J3 display screen. But it is the AMOLED touch screen that is often affected by problems. The breaks are frequent. The touch function often remains useful despite the condition of the glass. In the worst cases, some points or the entire screen no longer respond. This is why it is essential to replace the touch screen or LCD screen. This change will bring Samsung Galaxy J3 back to life. This replacement is not easy, but it does not also require a thorough knowledge of electronics. However, it is useful to have some equipment to properly change the display.

The tools to carry out the replacement

The change usually takes only 30 to 40 minutes to complete. This requires a Phillips screwdriver, Suction cup, picks, spatulas, SIM ejector, tweezers, nylon lever and heating pad. It would also normally be necessary to have the spare glass or screen. These materials are sold as a kit especially dedicated for the Samsung Galaxy J3. They are easily available in e-commerce sites. These kits can cost only 30 €.

Steps to carry out the replacement

The first step is to dismantle the Samsung J3 from the broken glass. But before doing so, turn off the phone and remove the battery and SIM card. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from behind and remove the frame with the spatula. From there, disconnect the tablecloths that connect the motherboard to the LCD screen panel. The second step is to remove the broken glass from the screen. This step is more complicated. Place the heating pad on the edge of the glass to remove the adhesive that attaches it to the screen. After 5min, use the spatula with suction cup to gently remove the glass. Finally, put the new glass back on the screen and reassemble the Smartphone, starting by reconnecting the tablecloths. Test if the new glass is working properly, then glue it with new glue and reassemble the Smartphone.